Virtual Rick-ality, The Circle, Galaxy s8

Jeremy, Reporter

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I have experienced first hand of this games greatness and if you have a vr get it. This game is not worth buying a Vive or Oculus rift, but if you already have one then it is totally worth it. This is basically a new episode of rick and morty in game form. The game features a couple places like the garage, space park, and the bathroom. The game starts out with you doing laundry as that’s the only reason you were created. This game goes deeper into the thought of mortality and purpose creating existential meaning. This game was worth the 10 CS:GO skins I sold. Should you buy this game? Fans: Yes Critics: Yes


The Circle was a good premise, but with horrible execution. This movie was soooooooooo terrible. The plot starts to thicken and leaves in the middle. Main characters became side characters and left during the movie. The movie featured a company taking over privacy and choice, and a person struggle to find meaning in it. Mae Holland is the main character who ends up disappointing all the other characters in the end. It was terrible don’t watch it don’t buy it either.

Fans: No

Critics: NO

The galaxy s8 has finally came out and it’s amazing. Unfortunately it still has it’s flaws. The phone still doesn’t have 2 speakers, it gets hot, and it still has a battery management problems. But it is the sexiest phone ever and an infinity screen.With samsung dex and other products this phone will be the best ever. After the Note 7 fiasco it took a while to recover, but now they are back better than ever. Should you buy it?  Fans:Yes  Critics:Yes

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Virtual Rick-ality, The Circle, Galaxy s8