The Mystery Behind Stage in Mcauliffe

Ryan N., Ben W., Sharif B., and Eli W.

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“As we were walking around the school looking for an article to do, we decided to go into the auditorium. In the McAuliffe auditorium we went in the back an it was very dark we were not able to see anything out side it was hailing.  We thought that someone was in there so we went out then we came back in after we found out that it was hail but the experience was scary because it felt like we were in a scary movie. We were always hearing noises and at one point we were hearing footsteps when no one was walking around. What our theory was because of the plane crash we thought that there may have been some spirits that was in there.” Sharif says.

A little background about McAuliffe is that it used to be right next to the Stapleton airport. There was a plane crash right where McAuliffe is before the school was made. It’s possible that people died in that crash so there could be spirits in McAuliffe. People never really know what happened with the plane crash.

At McAuliffe the investigators found random artifacts up a mysterious latter that could have been really old. There were many mysteries behind the stage.

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The Mystery Behind Stage in Mcauliffe